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Taxonomy and Knowledge Products


There are different types of knowledge products that meet the needs and demands of MIF and strategic partners' audiences in the projects they develop.


Considering the characteristics and needs of the organization, as well as current trends in the field of knowledge management, the MIF has defined seven types of knowledge products to document the experiences generated within the framework of projects:

  • Project fact sheet
  • Case study
  • Thematic Study
  • “How-to” guide
  • Infographic
  • Audiovisual
  • Event

All MIF projects must generate at least one project fact sheet, which will be updated on an annual basis. Additionally, depending on the characteristics and needs of the project, complementary products may be developed.

When including a knowledge product in the design or execution of a project, it is important that the type of product you choose meets the following requirements:

  • Achieving established objectives
  • Meeting the needs of the audience
  • Suiting the stage of the project
  • Complying with the resources available for its creation (time, money and effort)

Here are the 7 standard knowledge products:

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