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Why this Toolkit?


This set of tools, guidelines, examples, technical requirements, etc. provide support to the MIF staff and its partners in knowledge management and strategic communication during the design and implementation of projects, in order to standardize and ensure the quality of knowledge products generated.


Knowledge management is the practice of capturing, storing, sharing and re-using knowledge so that we can learn from the experiences and lessons of the past and apply them in the future.


The Access Framework, approved in 2010 by the MIF Donors Committee, establishes the documentation and dissemination of knowledge as natural elements of th MIF’s work to support innovative projects that achieve greater impact. The MIF’s goal of becoming an important knowledge partner for the region requires greater institutional capacity to learn and to create, share, disseminate and apply knowledge generated in projects funded.


Basic terms to begin with


In order to understand the concept of knowledge management, it is first necessary to understand the difference between data, information and knowledge:



Therefore, Knowledge Management aims to facilitate and create the conditions necessary for MIF projects to develop processes that enable the identification, documentation, storage, exchange and use of knowledge and experience generated, both individually and collectively.


The knowledge management cycle includes the following phases:




What is a Knowledge Product?


Knowledge Products are documents, publications or audiovisual materials derived from experience, research and lessons learned from MIF projects. Knowledge products must meet the information and knowledge demands of the MIF’s various strategic audiences .


And what does knowledge management do for me?

A good use of knowledge can be very useful to improve our efficiency in designing, implementing, evaluating and closing MIF projects, allowing us to:

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