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What is it?


A case study is a description and analysis generated by a project and the context in which it has been developed. It collects and documents qualitative and quantitative data using a descriptive and narrative reconstruction of events.


Case studies systematize experiences in order to understand why events unfolded in a certain way, what decisions were made, what concrete results were obtained and what lessons were learned.


The process of preparing a case study involves collecting and analyzing data and experiences. Since the selection, collection, analysis and presentation of data from various sources can be complex, it is useful to adopt a structured process  when producing this type of knowledge product. There are two types of case study depending on the scope and length:

  • A brief case study: 4-5 pages
  • A detailed case study:  15-20 pages
How is it made?


The elaboration phases of a case study are:




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Here are the 7 standard knowledge products:




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