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Communication Tools

Strategic communication has become increasingly more important for value creation in companies, institutions, non-profit organizations, etc. In a knowledge society, mediated, highly technological and global image management, perception, messages and alliances, and the distinction of organizations to meet their diverse stakeholders are a substantial part of their strategy and sustainability.


What is included in the Toolkit?


These tools that MIF offers its partners aim to provide them with the knowledge and skills to improve the effectiveness of communication actions and positioning through the creation of a communication strategy.


Communication in nonprofit organizations has a variety of functions. Among these is the need to inform your target audience about their projects, help build the social consensus necessary for them to succeed or be strengthened, promote the image and credibility of the implementing institution, generate feedback that the organization requires from society and promote the financial support of its major donors. Taken together, these features strengthen the legitimacy of the organization and help promote the participation and support for their initiatives by governments and civil society.


Here are the 7 standard knowledge products:




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